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Thank you for thinking of Wayside Waifs as the place to donate your time. The success of our Volunteer Program is not only achieved through time given by our remarkable volunteers, but by the selfless acts they contribute to make life better for homeless companion animals. We have many volunteer opportunities at Wayside. Check out the list on the right to learn more or apply below.

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Seasoned Volunteers

After completing one month of volunteering, additional positions become available! Although these needs are constistently changing and being updated, the following descriptions are common roles at the shelter.  Positions include:

Humane Education

Studies show there is a strong relationship between a child’s awareness of the proper way to treat animals and that child’s ability as an adult to relate humanely not only to animals, but to society as a whole. The Wayside Waifs Humane Education Program incorporates the expertise of professional educators, psychologists and animal behaviorists. If you are interested in joining Wayside’s Humane Education Team, please contact us

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Foster Care Program

Our Foster Care program is designed to provide both flexibility and compatibility for the animals in need and the caretaking families. We provide individual foster parent training, pet care supplies, complete medical care, behavioral and training plans, and pet care counseling to all participants. Our foster parents do not all start with experience, just a willingness to love and learn!

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