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Seasoned Volunteers

After completing one month of volunteering, additional positions become available! Although these needs are consistently changing and being updated, the following descriptions are common roles at the shelter. 

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Vet Clinic Support

This position supports the Wayside Waifs Vet Clinic with non-medical needs.  Volunteers will be asked to return animals to the adoption area, clean kennels, complete support tasks that help free up Vet Techs to care for animals, and enter surgery information into Pet Point.  Volunteers are asked to make a strong six month commitment to the position and are interviewed before placement. 

Follow-up Caller

This is a customer service position contacting adopters.  Volunteers performing this task need to be very comfortable talking to people on the phone.  This rewarding position allows Wayside to get feedback about how animals are doing in their new homes, and how we are doing as a whole.

Meet & Greet Specialist (Cats and Dogs)

This is a scheduled position where volunteers help potential adopters meet Wayside animals.  Volunteers are on the floor as a resource to help the public select, meet and become acquainted with potential new family members.


This position is ideal for a volunteer who enjoys speaking on the phone, is comfortable using Google maps for giving directions, and is able to multitask during busy times.  This person is the first point of contact for visitors to the shelter.

Green Team

This is a specialized role that is done during your normal volunteer shift.  Volunteers are trained to specifically work with dogs that are assigned a Green Directive by the BE Team.  At least 30 minutes of the volunteer's socialization time will be dedicated to dogs that need special behavior work.


This position specializes in dealing with scared, shy and unsocialized cats. Trained volunteers will work with cats that have been identified by staff. A running list of TABBY cats is maintained by the shelter to ensure they are getting the help they need.

Whiskers & Wags

Volunteers will help adopters pick out items for their new pet, give basic advice on owning a new pet, and answer questions about crate and litter box training.  (All training on these subjects is provided.)

Tour Guides

More than ever, people are interested in learning more about animal welfare and seeing how Wayside serves animals in need. Come be a part of the movement! We need volunteers who love talking with people and enjoy showing off all the things we have to offer.

Humane Education

For more information, please visit our Humane Education page.

Foster Care

For more information, please visit our Foster Care Program page.