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For my birthday this year, I would like to raise money for Wayside Waifs in Geoffrey's name, who passed away in December due to chronic heart failure and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy at the age of 18.

Geoffrey was an impulse birthday purchase. I had intended to go to Wayside to see what potential pets there were and to return in a couple weeks after making the right arrangements for either a cat or dog. Geoffrey caught my attention the second I saw him, rubbing against the bars and chirping at me, because he knew I was a bleeding heart mark that would take him home. It worked (even after I ended up sitting in the car with a friend who went, 'You don't want to leave him, do you?') and for ten years he was the absolute light of my life.


It took time, but Geoffrey turned into a sweet goofball of a cat that loved making friends and getting long, white hair on literally every inch of my apartment. He adored my fiancé and my sister, constantly wanting to be in their business and sleep in their chairs. He's the only cat I've ever owned that demanded constant laptime and I had to learn how to play most MMO classes one-handed so he could nuzzle into one of my hand and drool all over my fingers. I only had him for ten years, but it was the best ten years I can remember and this little guy seriously saved my life when I was far from home and lonely because of it. I can think of no better way to honor his memory than to give back to the people who put him in my life in the first place.

Wayside Waifs rescues more than 6,000 abandoned, abused and homeless pets each year. They are a compassionate campus that sees to the needs of all of their animals, big and small, and I would love to raise as much as possible for them. I think $300 is a reasonable goal and this donation page will be running throughout March to try and hit it. 100% of this donation goes to Wayside Waifs. 

For more information about Wayside Waifs, visit Thank you for your support, YOU are ensuring that companion animals in need get the second chance they deserve.

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