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"I seriously can't tell you enough how awesome this program is. Especially for my students' demographic. A lot of them struggle with empathy and they experience a lot of hurt, and hurt people hurt people. Honestly, this social and emotional learning is what can break the cyclical poverty even more than content learning."
5th grade Teacher

"Specifically, the 'No More Bullying Program' teaches children how to develop positive peer relationships, manage their emotions, strengthen impulse control, plan future behavior and take others' perspectives. The added emphasis on executive functions and social-emotional development make the program far more effective than I had initially anticipated and I look forward to sharing this innovative curriculum with our local schools."

Amy K. Morgan, Ph.D., APBB, Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist,
Massachusetts General Hospital

"The weeks (Wayside) has spent with me always provide my kids with tools for not only life in our school, but in the world as a whole. In a time where facts are readily available, relationships are key and transferable skills are the best tools we can fill them with.
Thanks for joining me in that!"

5th grade Teacher

"It's a program that students look forward to every year.
I feel like it impacts the whole building."

Anonymous Educator

"Having the connection from people to animals really helped my kids. Most of them would never think about hurting a dog but they couldn't make the connection of how that applies to humans as well. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!"

Anonymous Educator