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Join Our Bullying Prevention Month Campaign


October is Bullying Prevention Month and Wayside's No More Bullying! Team is partnering with area schools and organizations to teach the message of being kind, compassionate, humane, showing self control and integrity. This national month of awareness started in 2006 and is now a world-wide campaign. Wayside's campaign will utilize social media to share photos and messages from area school children and members of the community about choosing kindness and ways to prevent bullying. Wayside's Humane Education Team has also created a tip sheet for parents to help them navigate challenging conversations about bullying and bullying behaviors. Whether they are experiencing it first hand or seeing it on the news, these tips can help adults talk through what our kids are seeing and hearing. 

In addition to partnering with area schools, Wayside staff and volunteers will also be helping to spread the message of being kind and humane towards animals and each other. Watch our social media and website for these posts and links that you can share on your social media.

Wayside's No More Bullying! Curriculum is currently taught in 15 states. In addition to this groundbreaking curriculum, Wayside also offers numerous other Humane Education programs that, combined with No More Bullying! reach more than 11,000 school children in the KC Metro annually. You can learn more and contact us about scheduling here

Watch the video to learn more about Wayside's No More Bullying! Curriculum.

Download and print your bullying prevention signs here.

Download and print your parent talking points tip sheet here.