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Lost & Found Pets

If you have lost your pet, please see our lost and found pet tips.

Due to COVID19 hours may have changed for this program. Please click here for current hours of operation.

Due to the risk of misidentification over the phone, and because of the number of animals that come in to Wayside Waifs everyday, we recommend that you come to Wayside in person to look for your lost pet.

The state of Missouri requires all animals to have a current rabies vaccination.  If you do not have a current rabies certificate we are able to vaccinate your pet for a $15 fee between the hours of 9am-5:00pm Monday & Saturday and 8am-5pm Tuesday - Friday. Please note, because we do not have a veterinarian on duty on Sundays, we are not able to vaccinate your pet on Sundays.

You may come to Wayside and view/visit lost/found pets

  • Monday8am-5pm
  • Tuesday - Friday8am-8pm
  • Saturday & Sunday9am-5pm

Lost Pets

Welcome to the Wayside Waifs’ Lost and Found Pet Postings. Wayside Waifs has taken the idea of posting pictures and information about lost and found pets to the web.

If you have found a stray pet, please check our Lost Pets page. If you have lost your pet, you can print out our form to add it to our listing. Click below for the Wayside Waifs’ Lost Pet Postings.

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