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FAQ About the No More Bullying!® Curriculum


What ages are best suited to receive the No More Bullying!® Curriculum?

No More Bullying!® is written for third, fourth and fifth grade students. A grade specific journal, including Common Core activities, is designed for each of these grades.


How long does it take to teach the entire No More Bullying!® Curriculum?

No More Bullying!® has a total of five 60 minute lessons. While each lesson is designed to be taught in one hour, there is plenty of material within each lesson to last well over 60 minutes. You may find that allowing additional time for each lesson offers the students the opportunity to ask questions and continue the conversation.

Locally, these lessons are taught in 5 consecutive sessions, however the curriculum is flexible enough to be structured in different ways, for example, once a week for 5 weeks, or once a month for 5 months, etc.


Do I have to teach No More Bullying!® in a school classroom?

While No More Bullying!® is written to be taught in a traditional school classroom setting, please use the curriculum for the same age students in any other suitable setting you discover! 

We have created adaptation guides for teaching the program in an after school setting as well as a summer camp. These are available upon request after purchasing the curriculum. 

Who is the best person to facilitate the No More Bullying!® Curriculum?

No More Bullying!® can be taught by a wide variety of facilitators and is written so any person, regardless of their animal welfare or classroom teaching experience, can facilitate the curriculum with ease. Potential No More Bullying!® facilitators include: classroom teachers, school personnel (school counselor or nurse), humane education instructors or community volunteers. 

If you are a classroom teacher or school counselor who feels a community facilitator would be most effective, try reaching out to your local animal shelter. If your local animal shelter is without a Humane Education Department, you might just be the person who introduces the concept and opens the door for new community collaborations!

How are the lessons written in the facilitator's guide?

The lessons are semi-scripted in order to guide any facilitator to be as successful with the No More Bullying!® Curriculum as possible. The lessons are assembled in the order, and contain the information, that the Wayside Waifs' Humane Educators have found to be most effective. We encourage you to take the factual information and adapt it in a way that works best with your personal style. 

Do I really need a companion animal to teach the No More Bullying!® Curriculum?

Having a living, breathing companion animal present in the classroom is imperative to the success of the No More Bullying!® Curriculum. Not only does the companion animal bring excitement and interest in the topics, she or he also presents an abundance of opportunities for tangible learning moments. Get creative about finding a companion animal! Perhaps you partner with a certified therapy dog for the "Fun with Fenby" sessions while using the class guinea pig for the other portions of the lessons. 

What if schools say "we don't have time" to implement the No More Bullying!® Curriculum?

Schools and teachers have extremely full plates! On top of the intellectual testing preparation, schools also focus on behavior and character development. The No More Bullying!® Curriculum reinforces fundamental character education principles, empowering students to create a more respectful and safe environment. As we all know, when students feel secure and are not focused on issues within their school climate, a more profound learning happens! 

Who can I contact about the No More Bullying!® Curriculum?

Have other questions or need more information? Contact Ashley Stanley, Humane Education Manager.


More About Wayside Waifs: A No Kill Animal Shelter

Wayside Waifs is Kansas City's largest and most comprehensive no kill pet adoption campus. Since 1944, we have been working diligently to partner pets and community for life. Wayside Waifs strives to enrich the lives of abandoned, abused, and homeless animals until they find a new forever home. During their temporary stay on our 50 acre campus, every animal receives a complete circle of care. 

Over the past seven decades, Wayside has evolved into an organization that provides more that just basic needs to our animals, including:

Wayside Waifs cares for more than 6,000 animals every year. Wayside does not euthanize adoptable animals, and there are no time limits for animals in our care. Only animals suffering from significant medical issues or those that pose a danger are humanely euthanized. Wayside is a private, independent, nonprofit 501(c)3 charity with no government funding. We depend on the generosity of the community to continue our life-saving work.

Fenby Webster and "Fun with Fenby!"

The History of Wayside WaifsFenby Webster

In 1940, a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, known as the Jackson County Animal Betterment Association, was incorporated in the state of Missouri. Four years later, Mrs. Fenby Webster, a Kansas City community member, assembled a group of friends who shared her commitment to animals in need and supported this organization. 

On September 8, 1944, under the leadership of Fenby Webster, the organization changed its name to Wayside Waifs, Inc. and established a threefold mission:

In 1945, through individual contributions, Wayside was able to purchase a 20-acre farm in southeast Kansas City, Missouri. This farm, which would eventually include 30 additional acres of surrounding land, was used as a shelter for lost, abandoned and abused pets. In 1999, Wayside Waifs built a new state-of-the-art facility adjacent to its original shelter building.

In 2013, Wayside Waifs opened an 11,000 square foot expansion to provide a more complete circle of care to the increasing number of animals. This new addition included a Parvo treatment area and quarantine/long-term care area along with remodeled and expanded animals admissions and veterinary clinic. This now 47,000 square foot building can shelter up to 800 animals.

To this day, as Wayside Waifs receives national attention for its state-of-the-art facility and innovative programming for animals, there is deep gratitude among the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers for the vision and passion of Fenby Webster. As it is repeatedly stated in the No More Bullying!® Curriculum lessons, one person can really change the world! 

Portraits of of Fenby Webster grace the walls of Wayside Waifs. The vision she had more than 75 years ago (and the legacy each staff and volunteer carry as a result) is included in the training sessions and orientations held at Wayside Waifs. As an additional nod to our founder, we have titled the dog safety section at the end of each lesson, "Fun with Fenby!" As seen in the photo, Fenby had two collie dogs, and so we thought it fitting for the No More Bullying!® "Fenby" to be a collie breed as well. 

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