Wayside Waifs

Slumber Paw-ty Program


Are you interested in adopting one of our adorable Waifs, but want to make sure they are just the right fit before making them a permanent member of your family? Wayside Waifs Slumber Paw-ty program could be the perfect answer.


This Slumber Paw-ty program allows approved potential adopters, interested in a specific group of animals, to take home an adoptable animal for a trial period of 7-10 days.


Pets eligible for the Slumber Paw-ty program will meet one of the following criteria:


  • Long term residents who have been available for adoption for more than 30 days
  • Animals with special needs, such as hearing impairment, FIV+ and sight impairment
  • Graduates of our one-of-a-kind behavior programs, Peace Academy and Confidence College along with certain cats in our TABBY program
  • Additional animals designated by Wayside Waifs staff

If you are interested in participating in our Slumber Paw-ty program, or have additional questions about how this program works, please email us or call 816-986-4426.

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Slumber Paw-ty Success Stories

Meet Jackson

Jackson started his journey at Wayside in August 2012. Volunteers and staff members at the shelter quickly realized that Jackson was pretty quirky guy. Due to some of his quirks, Jackson was placed in our Peace Academy program as well as our food modification program. Peace Academy aims to teach dogs like Jackson - who have received little to no previous obedience and impulse control training - how to interact appropriately with potential adopters. The training includes basic commands: sit, wait, target, come and look. Wayside's food modification program aims to improve food guarding behavior in dogs that are crazy about their kibble.

Jackson worked hard with Wayside's staff and volunteers and learned a number of new skills. Soon he was available for adoption - but this was just the beginning of his long journey to finding a forever home. After spending time in two foster homes and being returned twice, Jackson became a candidate in the Slumber Paw-ty program. To ensure this would be Jackson's true forever family, he was taken home for a trial basis of 7 days to an qualified adopter. We are thrilled to report that after being in the shelter system for 1,170 days, Jackson found his forever family after going home for a Slumber Paw-ty!  


Meet Chris

Chris arrived at Wayside Waifs as a stray with his sister; he was very shy and fearful. Due to the stress Chris experienced in the shelter environment, he quickly lost his appetite and developed an upper respiratory infection and became a project for Wayside staff and volunteers. With a little patience and help from his foster mom, Chris began to come out of his shell - but still showed signs of fearfulness. Chris was adopted, but unfortunately continued to struggle adapting to his new environment and surroundings. His new family tried their hardest to work through this adjustment period, but struggled with a range of behavioral concerns with Chris. He was eventually returned to Wayside. 

Upon Chris' return, a volunteer who worked with Chris when he intially arrived at the shelter, realized he may be the perfect candidate for the Slumber Paw-ty program. Often times, animals thrive in one environment and have trouble in others, and Slumber Paw-ty's allow potential adopters to discover whether or not the home environment they can provide will be suitable for these animals. She decided to take him home for a seven-day Slumber Paw-ty to see how he would do. After a period of adjustment, which included hiding under the recliners and in corners of his very own bedroom, Chris started to adjust. His appetite began to reappear, he started enjoying eating treats, faithfully using his litterbox, and sought attention from who would soon be his new parents (and kitty siblings too!).

Chris soon had his adoption contract signed and his now residing happily in his forever home - thanks to Wayside's dedicated staff, volunteers and the Slumber Paw-ty Program. 

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