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Pet Memorial Services

Wayside Waifs has been helping families for generations with compassionate aftercare for cherished family pets. Your friends at Wayside Waifs truly understand the pain of losing a family pet. We are here to support you during this time of sorrow and help make final arrangements for your pet. 

The Compassion Cycle - How Your Pet's Passing Can Help Another

All revenue received from Wayside's Pet Memorial Services goes to help the shelter provide loving care for its current animal residents until permanent homes can be found. We are the only non-profit business in the region that helps support adoptable pets in this capacity. We hope you will find comfort in knowing that your pet, even in death, is helping another animal.

The Pet Memorial Services office building is located behind the shelter and overlooks the cemetery. Pet Memorial Park was started in 1946 and includes the Top of the World, Peaceful Meadow, Cedar Shadows and Companion Field. Please contact our Pet Memorial Services to speak to one of our caring staff members at 816-986-4406 or email our team to discuss the different options available to you.

If you would like to honor your pet with a memorial to help us care for other animals in our shelter, please complete our online donation form. It is a wonderful way to pay tribute to your pet or to a friend’s pet.

If you have recently experienced the loss of a pet, we invite you to learn more about Wayside's Pet Loss Support Group.

Hours of operation

  • Monday-Friday10am-5pm
  • SaturdayClosed
  • SundayClosed

Honor Their Memory

Know somone who has experienced the loss of a pet? Show your support by making a gift in their memory. Send your condolences today. Learn More


Our Services Include

Individual Cremation

This is our most preferred choice. Your pet is cremated individually and ashes are returned to you in beautiful wooden box. A copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem and a certificate of cremation are also included. 

Communal Cremation

Your pet may be cremated with other pets and ashes are buried in the Companion Field section of our pet cemetery, marked with a plot number for future visitation purposes. 

Urns and Caskets

We have a selection of urns available at our Pet Memorial Services office. Additional ones, some with engraving, may be ordered through our catalog. Caskets are available in 10", 20", 24", 32", 40" and 52". View all urns here. View the complete catalog of memorial items here

Cremation Burials

Following cremation, your pet's ashes can be placed in a small casket and buried in the Cedar Shadows section of our pet cemetery. A cremation burial includes pet cremation, casket, granite headstone, the plot, and interment. Each plot may be used for up to three cremated pets. 

Traditional Burials

The traditional burial package includes the plot, interment, casket, granite headstone, and a one-time grounds maintenance fee. Burials can be held Monday-Friday during regular business hours. We offer an open or closed casket memorial service to pay tribute to your pet before the attended or unattended burial. 

Pre-need Services

All of our pet memorial services are openly available to the public. You are encouraged to make final arrangements for your pet in advance so that when it is time, you will have the peace of mind knowing that plans are in place to take care of your pet. 

Pickup Services

If you are using Wayside's pet memorial services for your pet, pickup services are available at no cost to local veterinary clinics. If this service is required, you may may call our Pet Memorial Services office at 816-986-4406 to schedule a pickup, We also offer local residential pickup for an $85 fee. This service is available Monday-Friday. 


How do you maintain the cemetery?

Our maintenance staff provides lawn care, leaf and snow removal, tree and path maintenance, and headstone resetting.

Am I permitted to observe the cremation?

Yes we do permit observation of an individual cremation. This is by appointment only; please call our office at 816-986-4406, for details. Additional fees may apply.

What can I do if my pet passes away at home?

Gently wrap your pet in a towel or blanket and place in a spare box or bag for transport. It if is Monday-Friday between 10am-5pm, you may bring your pet to the Pet Memorial Services building. If we are closed, you will go to the Reception desk in the main shelter or call 816-761-8151 for assistance. Keeping your pet in a cool place is essential if you are unable to bring your pet in immediately.

What payment methods do you accept for services?

Wayside Waifs accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, cash, or check. 

Why bury at a pet cemetery? Why not bury in your backyard?

Local laws may prohibit home burial in your area. Burial in a cemetery alleviates the concern of leaving your pet behind if you move. For those who wish to bury their pet on property other than Wayside Waifs’ cemeteries, we offer a variety of pet caskets that can be purchased from us.

How will my pet’s cremated remains be returned to me?

Your pet's cremated remains will be returned to you in a beautiful wood urn with a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem and cremation certificate. Or, you can choose to have your pet’s ashes interred in an urn from our selection.

How soon will my pet’s ashes be returned?

Remains can be picked up at our office within five business days and you will receive a phone call when they are ready for pickup. Please allow extra time for special urns or engraving. 

When can I visit my pet’s grave site?

You can visit our cemetery during daylight hours, seven days a week, including holidays.