Wayside Waifs



"The program is so informational and really made the kids 'think'. Having a companion animal with us showed the students that were fearful of dogs that dogs are normally kind and peaceful if treated with kindness and respect - just like people."

Ms. Wolgamott, 4th grade Teacher

"Wow! Such an excellent program. This definitely had such a POSITIVE impact on my students!"

3rd grade Teacher

"The scholars didn't want the sessions to end!"

Mrs. Smith, 4th grade Teacher

"This program was amazing! I saw a huge difference in my students right away."

Mr. Taylor, 5th grade Teacher

"Thank you for coming to our class this week and talking about bullying. You taught me how to be nice to others and animals. I know to make everyone feel like they are someone. I also know to treat animals better too. So if I get a dog I know just what to do. I will try to make the world a better place."

Jordan, 5th grade Student

"My most favorite lesson was humane and compassion, why because being humane is important to your friends and furry friends. Having compassion is why you show someone you care about them and dooooing something about it."

Sarah, 4th grade Student

"Thank you for teaching us about not bullying, respect and self-control, it is going to change how the classroom looks."

Tim, 4th grade Student