Wayside Waifs

Wayside Waifs is determined to break the perpetual cycle of human and animal abuse.

No More Bullying!® is a truly innovative elementary school bullying and violence prevention curriculum. The curriculum lessons and instructions are rooted in a rich history, reinforced by the integration of "daily practice" and it's having an impact! In 2019 independent researchers evaluated the effectiveness of the program, discovering that students participating showed statistically significant improvements in the areas of Empathy and Self-Awareness & Self-Management as a result of the program. These areas of improvement also align with the CASEL competencies for social and emotional learning. 

No More Bullying!®:

Two key elements are essential for successful implementation of No More Bullying!®

An open and authentic facilitator

Adults must "be the change" and "lead by example". Students are keen observers of behavior and know when "we practice what we preach". It is absolutely essential for the curriculum facilitator to examine the lesson concepts and integrate them into their own daily behaviors. Adults can be quick to say, "kids these days", and yet the fact remains that kids today are often a reflection of what they learn from the adults around them. We must hold ourselves to the same high standards of behavior that we expect from our students. When we lead by example, more often than not, students will meet and frequently exceed our expectations. 


A living, breathing companion animal

Many educators have asked, "How can we get uninterested and bored students to pay attention? They've heard the 'don't bully' message a million times!"

Try bringing a dog to school! Students are absolutely fascinated by the presence of a living, breathing companion animal walking around their classroom. Suddenly, the topics they have heard many times before have an entirely new meaning. Students are continually enthralled and gain a new perspective about caring for others without even realizing it is happening. The similarities between healthy interactions with animals and healthy relationships with humans are seamless and the comparisions are endless, yet the students take it all in as if it were brand new information. 


Each lesson is written in a similar format to create a lesson rhythm and continuity: