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The Fenby Webster Medical Care Fund


At Wayside Waifs, our veterinary team sees it all: comatose dogs, broken bones, painful hip injuries, eye injuries, animals that have been shot, heart murmurs, stomach twists - just to name a few.


Many shelter animals come to our campus after years of neglect, while some come with recent traumatic injuries. Our commitment to providing compassionate and humane medical care to the Waifs has prompted us to create The Fenby Webster Medical Care Fund. Named in memory of our founder, this special fund will underwrite life-saving medical care provided by Wayside Waifs and our veterinary specialist partners. 


A gift to The Fenby Fund will directly fund the medical care of our most sick and injured - providing life-saving surgeries, diagnostic testing, treatment for injuries, and so much more.  If you'd like more information about The Fenby Fund, email or call 816-986-4410.


Make your Fenby Fund gift today online at waysidewaifs.org or by mail at: Wayside Waifs, Attn: Fenby Webster Medical Care Fund, 3901 Martha Truman Road, Kansas City, Mo. 64137.



Fenby Fund Success Stories



Lola, 7-year-old American Bulldog mix, came to Wayside Waifs as a stray.  She was extremely thin, covered in fleas, and had several health issues including a thyroid issue and several infections.  In addition to these medical issues, Lola became extremely sluggish and was unable to stand.  She was diagnosed with Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV), a condition that strikes dogs without warning, in which their stomach bloats and twists.  If not treated quickly, the condition is fatal.  Lola had emergency surgery and eventually made a complete recovery and has been adopted. Your Fenby Fund gift helps dogs like Lola.








Duke, a 1 ½ year old Yorkie mix, came to Wayside Waifs as a stray walking on only two legs. His front left leg was broken and his back left leg had a large wound with damaged knee ligaments making them too unstable to stand on. Wayside veterinarians quickly went to work by cleaning the wound on the back left leg. Once that healed, they had to amputate the damaged front left leg because it had healed incorrectly and was extremely painful for Duke. After healing from that surgery, Wayside performed yet another surgery on Duke to stabilize his knee joint. While recovering Duke was in a foster home so he could be in a calm, loving environment. Duke’s foster parents fell in love with him and couldn’t say goodbye – they adopted him in the spring of 2015! Your Fenby Fund gift helps dogs like Duke.






Here are some examples of life-saving care your gift will do:

• $250 mass removal surgery and biopsy

• $1,000 gift can provide life-saving medication for 75 animals battling severe respiratory infections

• $3,000 orthopedic knee surgery


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